Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Fashion Cultures Parsons


Design studio at a garment business in L.A.’s Jobber Market (Photo: Lauren Lancaster)[1]

In the presentation, Professor Christina Moon introduces us to the social relationships and cultural conflicts between the design and manufacturing of fast fashion in Asia and the United States, especially focusing on the memory, migration, and labor. That stuck me as particularly intriguing this week. Moon also reveals the truth, in The Secret World of Fast Fashion, that “young Koreans are the driving force behind fast fashion—a phenomenon whose rise is less a story about corporate innovation than one about an immigrant subculture coming of age.”[2] In my opinion, the arguments made both in the presentation and in the article are not simply based on a single theory and are not always directly made. This is mainly because Moon takes an open position and does not try to fit everything into one answer or category…

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