Style Is A Universal Language

Fashion Cultures Parsons

In the presentation, editor and publisher Jeremy Lewis described fashion as a business (not art). That stuck me as particularly intriguing this week. It resonates with Elizabeth Hawes’ statement in Fashion Is Spinach that “fashion is a parasite on style” and “now we have the advertising agency and the manufacturer, the department store and the fashion writer all here to tell us that the past, present, and future of clothing depends on fashion, ceaselessly changing.”[1] To me, fashion is temporary and opposite to style, which is relatively permanent and gives us the fundamental feeling of a certain period in life. If, as Lewis says, fashion is a language, which we learn when we grow up, I believe style is a universal language that human beings all share the same letters, vocabulary, and pronunciation. We do not need to study a language (or fashion) to understand different cultures. Art sometimes…

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