Am I Worth It?

Fashion Cultures Parsons


The Passion System[1]

In Pascism: The Fashion of Passionate Micro-Fascism, Professor Otto Von Busch described the fashion system as “the inter-human protocol of stereotypical judgment of others by fashion and appearance, normalizing violent microaggressions,” or simply “the desiring machine.”[2] His words highlight the fact that everybody is graciously invited to the fashion wonderland and is happy to judge others according to their appearance, but we, the wearers, are constantly judged by our friends and enemies at the same time.

Today, I wanted to share my personal experience of microaggressions to reemphasize that we should stop normalizing what Otto described during his presentation “Fashion Frictions”: direct violence, structural violence, and cultural violence. After I moved to New York last year, I sometimes received comments in public. Most of them were compliments, but a few were unintended judgments, which made me feel uncomfortable. They gave their opinions based on…

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