The Joy of Creating – Rethink Fashion as the Locus of Self-expression

Fashion Cultures Parsons

Professor Pascale Gatzen’s description of fashion as “a mode of human togetherness amplifies the abundant and vibrant reality in which we share ourselves…moving beyond binaries, beyond duality” in Take Back Fashion: Fashion As Common stuck me as particularly intriguing this week, because it emphasized the fact that the initial and pure joy of making clothes is missing in capitalistic society (or what she called capital production) nowadays.[1] When she conducted a two-week workshop with museum guards at Art Tower Mito in Japan that questioned the idea of the museum uniform, this project resonates with her statement.

I agree that not only fashion designers, but also everyone, should rethink fashion as the locus of self-expression. Although Gatzen was trained in formal and well-known fashion institutions in Europe, she stepped back from mainstream fashion and went down a simple but sort of unrealistic path upon which there exists no ownership. I…

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